The Disillusionment of Daisy

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby Pages: 2 (941 words) Published: April 11, 2012
The Disillusionment of Daisy’s Affair
The inevitable end of Daisy and Gatsby relationship was foreshadowed early on by Daisy’s actions and Nick’s observations. Daisy has always known about all of Tom’s affairs or “spree’s” as he calls them. She shows this early on to Nick after dinner when he has first came to the West Egg. Daisy admits to Nick that “I’ve had a very bad time” (16) and that when her daughter was born “Tom was God knows where” (17). Even with Daisy and Tom picking at each other and arguing nonstop through dinner, Nick observes as he is leaving that they are still a unit, “stood side by side” (19), as they walked him to the door. Later on after Daisy starts her own affair with Gatsby, she continues to push Gatsby into meetings with Tom, as if to throw him in Tom’s face. The last meeting, Gatsby and Nick go over the Buchanan’s home for lunch at Daisy’s request. They walk in the home and Nick asks where Tom is just as Nick hears him on the phone and Jordan says “that’s Tom girl on the telephone” (116). After Jordan’s statement and Tom goes to leave the room again, Daisy waits till Tom is just out the door and goes up to Gatsby and tells him “You know I love you” (116) even though her actions show she is very upset and confused by “began to clog on the brick fireplace. Then she remembered the heat and sat down guiltily on the couch” (117). Daisy then decides that they need to go into town to get away from the heat and Daisy arranges for her and Gatsby to ride together in Tom’s car. Tom observes Daisy, “She walked close to Gatsby, touching his coat with her hand” (121) which Tom’s response is to “push the unfamiliar gears tentatively, and shot off into the oppressive heat, leaving them out of sight behind” (121). Again it seems as if Daisy is using Gatsby and trying to hurt Tom as he has hurt her in the past. During the trip into to town Tom stops at the gas station and learns that Wilson, Myrtle’s husband, found out that she has been...
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