The Disappearance of Family Farms in the U.S.

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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The Disappearance of Family Farms in the U.S.
There are many things in the world that have been disappearing over recent years. These types of things include, but are not limited to: encyclopedias, tape players, typewriters, and even books. Another thing that has been a huge part of history that seems to be disappearing at, frankly, an alarming and scary rate is family-owned farms. Less than one third of family farms that existed in the United States in 1935 are still remaining (Toews). Family farms are disappearing because of the expenses incurred in owning one, the hard work and long days the family must put into them, and because of the appeal of city life to younger generations and the development of land throughout the United States.

Family farms are expensive. And, unlike what one would expect, the rewards are not too extravagant, either. The expenses are rising while the income is declining, and that is an equation none of us want to see when it comes to our own future. It was even predicted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that farmers would see the biggest decline in income than any other industry (Toews). However, if we lose all of our family-owned farms, all we have to rely on is larger industries, which includes travel and transportation costs, chemicals, and most likely the mistreatment of animals.

Good work ethic seems to be something that has become rare in America. There is an unexplainable amount of work that goes into farming, especially on smaller farms with less man and machine power to help out. Farmers, on average, spend between twelve and sixteen hours a day working. And, tying this back, they are not being rewarded properly for the hard labor they put into their jobs each and every day. They have no vacations, no holidays, and no sick or personal time. They have to be there. As younger generations look to their elders, they realize all of the suffering with little reward, and question if they want to go down that very same...
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