The Disadvantages on Immigration

Topics: Immigration, Immigration to the United States, Illegal immigration Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: March 11, 2013

Tanya Ordas
Period 8/9
English II MYP
Prompt #3
The Disasters of Illegal Immigrants Why should we provide amnesty to a group of people who didn't respect our country's laws enough to follow a legal process to come here, it's like we're rewarding criminal behavior which sends the wrong message to foreign countries and encourages continued illegal immigration. Letting Illegal immigrants become legal citizens can affect in causing disasters in our country. The three main reasons are that they can overpopulate our country, which can also lead into bringing in terrorists and drug dealers and that would be a major disaster. Lastly, buissness would be shut down because it is illegal to hire an immigrant. To start off with, if illegal immigrants migrate over to our country there will be a population imbalance, which in other words it can overpopulate our counrty. Crowding, that is, increases in the population density in certain regions. This is one of the basic disadvantages of immigration. This can imbalance to one nation's natural resources. When a country is overpopulated, there will be a high rate of unemployment because there aren't enough jobs to support population. It can lead to the rise of poverty and demands of strikes. It would also result in a high level of crime because the people will need to steal things in order to survive. But, overpopulation doesn't just affect the standard of living but also the enviorment. Every person takes up space, but space is needed for farmland and forests. The loss of these forests leads to extinction of plants and animals, these plants could contain cures for diseases that will never be found. While the conflict between overpopulation can lead into terrorism and drug traffficing, it would show them that it would be easy to enter our country.

Another reason is, that this can lead terrorists and drug dealers to migrate to our country. With...
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