The Disadvantages of Using Gadgets in Schools (Debate)

Topics: Mobile phone, Information technology, Slang Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Member of this noble house,
Before I further deliver my closing speech, let me stress again that we as the opposition team are strongly disagree with the motion information technology gadgets should be allowed in school. I will work my talk by delivering my three valuable points. The first one is the use of gadgets will distract students attention while they are learning in school, second is it leads to mentally and physically unhealthy condition and last but not least it degrades students’ academic performance. Member of this gracious house,

One of the biggest causes of being consumed by information technology gadgets is the constant notifications. Knowing that a response to something to something we do or interests us is available at anytime can drive the students off track from learning process in the classroom or just simply make students do things less efficiently – even if it’s simply browsing the web. Ladies and gentlemen,

Mentally and physically unhealthy condition is one of the negative effects from information technology gadgets and therefore we as the opponent team strongly believe that information technology gadgets should not be allowed in schools. Students are becoming addicted to the new technologies and gadgets, especially, internet and computers. Moreover, young people are getting more and more addicted to mobile phones. Many scientists believe that radiation from mobile phones may cause blurring vision, headaches and earaches and may be the reason of cancer, too. Furthermore, persistent use of high-tech gadgetry can lead to a slew of health problems for young and old alike. A sedentary lifestyle discourages exercise and encourages obesity. Moreover, the back-lit screens used for computers, iPhones and video games can cause eye problems. For the music lovers, they tend to walk around everywhere with music blaring directly into their ears throughout their MP3’s or iPod. The effect is, it brings on headaches and hearing difficulties. Ladies and...
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