The Disadvantages of Politics in Personal Life


Politics is such a dirty games as they say. And based on my observations it really does. Many relationships were the victim of this. But in my own opinion, this is a choice. If you choose to be affected by it then you were a victim. Things can’t be avoided when it comes to giving ideas and opinions. Some will be hurt and some will be glad. But what’s important is that you are able to express yourself the way who really you are and your points of views to any of the issues. You can not please everybody and it won’t lessen your personality. Different views on Politics is rampant but we have to be open minded to anybody’s opinions. Opinions can not be right or wrong because it is their own point of views to something. If theirs didn’t agree with yours or if it is contradicting to yours then be it. Respecting other ideas/ opinions and choice is important. During Election time, either it’s national or local, communication and relationship gap became worst. Especially if someone choose to support the rival of her/his relative, friends, etc, etc..Again we can avoid this by simply respecting others decision. We should widen our mind and think the possible reasons and accept that she/he has the right to choose whom to support. For me, even if it’s your relative/friend is running for a post if you think she/he is not capable for it why would I support her/him? Don’t let anybody control your decision’s in life. Someday you will regret why you didn’t do the right thing and let someone controlled you Can you be sure that someone you listened to will help you?? Politics will affect anyone of us if we will let it.

Be true to yourself!!!
Fight and stand for what you think is right!!
Don’t let anyone contol you!!
Don’t let Politics ruined your life.
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