The Disadvantages of Increased Social Media Use

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Rachael Sharp
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January 23, 2013
Professor Morris
Being Connected Essay
            In the past few years, the increase in the use of social media has skyrocketed. A countless number of people of all ages have continuously been using technology in their everyday lives.  The problem with this is that some overuse it and cannot detach themselves from it. This causes a distraction to allowing people to live their everyday lives and hurts their social relationships by involving less communication. The younger generation is also affected by catching on to these bad habits. Between addiction, distraction, and bad influences social media has not only made it’s way into many lives but has affected who we are as individuals.             Addiction is usually related to a serious matter such as drugs, alcohol, and major substances that impact ones life. What if people could become addicted to something as innocent as technology? Not only is this the issue for millions with cell phones and any with Internet access, but also it has begun to affect the people themselves and who they are. Many people begin to feel almost lost if their cell phone has died or if it is not on them at all times. It’s as if they need to continuously check for messages or social networks after a certain amount of time otherwise they won’t be connected enough to know what everyone else is up to. In The Flight From Conversation, Sherry Turkle discusses how people unknowingly always reach for their cell phone or log onto their computer so often that it becomes a routine almost. “When people are alone, even for a few moments, they fidget and reach for a device. Here connection works like a symptom, not a cure, and our constant, reflexive impulse to connect shapes a new way of being” (Sherry Turkle).  It affects the connections with people around them and when they are alone, the addiction becomes increased and occurs more and more often....
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