The Disadvantages of Computers in Society

Topics: Internet, Online chat, Human Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: October 16, 2012

Less Human Interactions
Computers have made it possible for people to work alone on tasks on which they would need to collaborate with others if they were to have to do them manually, such as inputting figures in books of accounts. Because of this, the work environment in offices is such that all workers concentrate on just looking at the computer with little interaction with colleagues. Computers have therefore reduced the level of interaction among people, which promotes an anti-social culture.

Health Hazard
Computers have often been associated with various health hazards. Most computer screens are not fitted with an anti-glare element to protect the eyes. If you spend many hours continuously working on the computer you will likely suffer from eye strain. Computers also cause back pain if your sitting position causes you to bend so as to see the screen properly.

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Internet Sexual Predators
Computers have made it possible for the Internet to be connected in offices and homes. A home Internet connection is advantageous because it enables children to conduct research on schoolwork and gain a lot of knowledge in various fields. However, the Internet presents great dangers to children as they become vulnerable to sexual predators who use the Internet to lure children into sexual activities. These pedophiles are able to establish contact with children through Internet chat rooms and can easily corrupt their morals.

Information Theft
One of the ways in which companies ensure they are ahead of their competitors is by keeping information on their business strategies secret. However, computers have made it easy for secret information to be stolen and leaked to competitors. With information storage devices such as flash disks, a person can retrieve information from a company's...
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