The Difficulties of a Teenage Life

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so i have been thinking of how people view me. i know you may not see me in this way but I'm not all i live up to be. i have been teased, lied to, cheated on beaten on, replaced misused tormented abused and treated like dirt under a shoe, people think it doesn't hurt, but believe me it really does its like trifle it doesn't look like much but when its put together it just builds to something quite extraordinary. what they say kills me, your words are like knifes, taking pointless stabs each creating their own memory, scarring me forever. everyday i go through the days events reliving the events, remembering everyone and everything that hurt me, and i think of everything i give to the world, and i question, do i deserve it? you have no idea how i feel, just think your best, and won't even listen to my opinion. my life is tough enough in its self, I'm sick of worrying about everyones emotions, but who is there to worry about mine? every day is a living and breathing nightmare that i can't wake up from, the fake smile you se is not the real me i want to go away to a place, were i can't be replaced, i want to feel loved, welcome, everything i don't feel in this shithole. i don't want to sit there, the guy nobody cares about no more, the guy who doesn't belong, fit in, have friends? i don't have no friends, i hate school, hat my family and hate those guys who once my friends. i no longer want to be the guy everyone talks about, i want to be free to live my life, nobody else's… I'm sick of all this peer pressure people forcing others to act the same, look the same and dress the same. i don't want to be that, i want to be me, act differently, i want to be part of diversity. people don't act their age, look like they should be in a cage when they get down to drinking they are not really thinking, you think your cool having a smoke ITS A JOKE act your age and stop bing pathetic stick together cmon be kinetic, i remember when i was twelve the girls read book from a...
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