The Difficulties in English

Topics: United States, United Kingdom, Communication Pages: 2 (357 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Mohammed Alam
Tue ,Feb 19th 2013

The difficulties in English

English has become the most widely spoken language all over the world. The English language has become an indispensable tool for successful international communication. However, there are many problems that I encountered in speaking English in America. Some of these problems include conversational misunderstanding , isolation, struggles with day to day life .

To begin with, the inability to express and explain my feelings. Sometimes causes misunderstandings . In addition, a person who dose not know how to speak English fluently may have a hard time communicating his real and true intention with a limited vocabulary , and this is what happened to me when I traveled to The United States for the first time . Sometimes I faced difficulties finding the right word to express what I really wanted to say. Moreover, I was afraid of making grammatical mistakes .

I had difficulties speaking English for this reason , I had a hard time making friends because I did not feel confident speaking the language . Therefore, I felt isolated because I could not communicate very well with other people . Based on the lake of communication between me and the others , I was very lonely . However, I spent my time in the library reading books . I never ventured out to meet people. Instead , I spent my time in the living room watching T.V .

I had difficulties in obtaining the simple every day necessities because I did not speak English fluently . From time to time, I had a tough time shopping for food in the supermarket . I found it annoying to ask for help from employees . Also, when I was eating in a restaurant , I had a hard time communicating with waiter .

In conclusion, people who travel abroad often face many difficulties speaking English including conversational misunderstanding , isolation and...
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