The Diffference Between Sharks and Dolphins

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The Differences Between Sharks and Dolphins
Sharks and dolphins are both ocean creatures. From afar they look alike but are contrasting ocean creatures. One of the main allusions is that they are the same type of creature, but a shark is a fish while a dolphin is a mammal. Because sharks are fish, they are cold blooded, and because dolphins are mammals they are warm blooded. Dolphins have blow holes and can only stay under water for up to seven to twelve minutes. Although sharks do not have blow holes, they have five to seven gills on their side and stay under water their whole life. Sharks swim by moving their tail and bodies side to side; instead dolphins move their tails and bodies up and down. Lastly, one more main difference between a dolphin and a shark is the dorsal fin; on a dolphin the dorsal fin at the top is curve, yet on sharks the dorsal fin is straight. While they both live in the ocean, these are just a few points about how sharks and dolphins are truly different ocean creatures.

Title: The Difference Between Sharks and Dolphins
Topic Sentence: Sharks and dolphins are both ocean creature. From afar they look alike but are contrasting ocean creatures

1.Type of species
2.How they move
i. Move up and down
i.Move side to side
3.Dorsal fin
i.Curve at top
i.Straight at top
4.Blood type
i.Warm blooded
1.Have to come up for breath every 7-12 minutes

i.Cold blooded
1.Have 5-7 gills on their side
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