The Different Types and Concepts of Restaurants

Topics: Restaurant, Asian cuisine, Food Pages: 4 (855 words) Published: October 27, 2011
Asian Restaurant - specializes in cuisine from the Asian region

Breakfast Restaurant - specializes in providing breakfast for at least 6 days per week

BYO Restaurant - Restaurants and bistros which do not have a liquor license Casual Dining - Offer comfortable atmospheres and have mid-range prices.

Chinese Restaurant - specializes in Chinese cuisine

Coffee Shop - provides daytime only, coffee, tea and casual meals CONCESSIONS - Operations that generally operate in conjunction with other activities such as sporting events, movies, and rodeos or they may be seasonal in nature and operate at public parks and pools. Menus are limited and food preparation is simple involving one or two steps DELICATESSENS - Operations offering foods intended for immediate consumption. The main product line is normally luncheon meats and cheeses. They may offer sandwiches, soups, and salads, as well. Most foods are precooked prior to delivery. Preparation of food products is generally simple and only involves one or two steps. Ethnic Restaurants - They range from quick-service to upscale. Their menus usually include Americanized versions of ethnic dishes and/or authentic ethnic foods.

European Restaurant - specializes in cuisine from a country or region of Europe which is not covered by another existing (eg. Italian, French) category - (eg. Scandinavian, Spanish, etc)

Family Restaurant - offers a varied menu and targeted to the family dining market and offer a children's menu. Since they charge reasonable prices, they appeal to seniors. They have fast service falling between quick service and full service restaurants. FAST FOOD - Operations that specialize in one or two main entrees such as hamburgers, pizza, or chicken. These operations may also provide salad and/or ice cream service. Preparation of food products is generally simple and involves one or two steps

Fine Dining Restaurant - provides a formal, structured dining experience at the high end of the...
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