The Differences Between the Perception That People Are Born Into a Culture and the Perception That One Becomes a Member of a Culture Through a Process of Learning

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  • Published : February 8, 2013
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What are the differences between the perception that people are born into a culture and the perception that one becomes a member of a culture through a process of learning?

Before discussing about the differences, there is a big common between two cases above. In the course of becoming a member of a culture, everyone has to learn about his or her culture whether a person is born into the culture or becomes a member of a culture. Also, the conception of learning culture seems not that different between two cases. However, there is a big difference that is very difficult to overcome. It is naturalness that is caused from the understanding degree. In the case of people who are born into a culture, every circumstance such as parents, families, friends, media tell them similar values and life-styles in the same cultural vein at the same time since they are babies. Thus, for them, it is a natural “life,” and people call their life “a culture”. However, in the case of people who become members of a culture through a process of learning, there is environmental lacks to understand perfectly all the detailed affective aspects of a culture. In my case also, I have typical “Korean” parents, and it can be a lack if I want to have the exact same perception that people are born into American culture. Thus, when I was in U.S before, I just tried to understand their culture as it is, and accepted their cultural aspects such as tipping culture, relationship between teacher and students, parents' attitudes toward their children, or ways to deal with strangers. I know people will understand a culture better as long as they live in the culture. However, to me, because the gaps are difficult to overcome, understanding each other seems to be a necessary and beautiful value.
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