The Differences Between Swimming in a Pool and Swimming at the Beach

Topics: Swimming pool, Diving, Water Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Farrukh Aliyev
English 08

The Differences between Swimming in a Pool and Swimming at the Beach
During the hot days in summer, there is nothing better than a refreshing swim. But it is crucial to decide where people want to swim. Some people prefer swimming in a pool however, others want to swim at the beach. Anyway, swimming in a pool and at the beach has many differences. For instance, the environment is different. Of course, a swimming pool is smaller than any sea. But when feel yourself inside of the water it really give an unforgettable rest for you, because water also have a recreational effects besides feeling rest. Secondly, the water of the swimming pools is fitted with special chemicals to make it blue disinfected. It is not good for our health. But the water of the sea is natural. There is a significant diversity between two types of water. As you know water with chemicals may cause some skin diseases but natural water which is full of salt is very important for our health. Because a person’s skin needs 2 kg salt with water annual. In that case, we can tell that water full of chemicals cannot supersede natural water. The third diversity is a price. Swimming in a pool is more expensive than swimming at the beach. Financial level of population is different. Without a doubt, all cannot afford to go a swimming pool. Another difference between them is that swimming at the beach is beneficial for our health. We can get vitamin D in the sunshine. However, there is no blue sky, no breeze, and sunshine in a swimming pool. So, we cannot get vitamin D in a pool. Nevertheless, there can be risks of environmental toxins or chemical toxicants at the beach. How do people know if the water in the sea does not bring any harm to their health? It is not easy to figure out on our own. But water in a pool is fresh. After the heavy rain beaches may be dangerous. Rain causes waste water to seep into seas. Cleanliness issue also causes some illness at the beach. At...
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