The Differences between France and Italy

Topics: Natural environment, France, Italy Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Good morning everybody, have you ever heard the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum? Both of them are top tourist destinations. Can you guess what countries are? I’m going to tell you about there are many aspects between France and Italy that are quite dissimilar. Even though France and Italy are both countries of Europe but different in many ways A.A different geographical location.

B.A different food style.
C.On the other hand, a similar trait.
First, we will be learning about a different geographical location. The physical size of each country is different. France is larger than Italy, having an area of 211,000 square miles, whereas Italy is only about a half the size, having an area of 116,000 square miles The two countries also differ in the kind of natural environments that each has. For example, Italy is a Mediterranean country, the climate of Italy is much warmer than France except in the northern area, so the vegetation and rural landscape differ and house are built in a different style attempting to offer shade and cooler condition. Now you know a different geographical location between France and Italy. Let’s continue a different food style. The food style between the two countries used to be very different, and while French cooking was more preparation, Italy had its own style, favoring pasta dishes, pizza and fresh salad made with local produce, but both favor the use of cheese, and nowadays have made inroads into each other’s style of cooking due to the globalization of produce and recipes. Despite their geography and food style differences, both countries in fact share many traits. They are both leaders in fashion and design. They also have a wealth of cultural and artistic heritage which has led the world to their doors. All of them, there were many traits both similar and difference that I told you about France and Italy. First, I talked about geography that France was larger than Italy and natural environment also different....
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