The Differences Between Chinese and Western Food

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题 目:The Differences Between Chinese and Western Food

学生姓名: 刘新旭 学号: 20060130220 指导教师: 胡天恩 职称: 讲师
年 级: 2006 院系:机械工程学院 专 业: 英语(双学位) 班级: 1


The Differences Between Chinese and Western Food Cultures

Liu Xinxu

As Partial Requirements
For the Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in English
Supervised by Hu Tian-en

School of Foreign Languages
Zhengzhou University
May, 2010



饮食文化是人类文化的重要组成部分,它直接关系到人类的身心健康。中西文化之间的差异导致了中西饮食文化的差异,而这种差异来自中西不同的价值观、思维方式和处世方式。本文对饮食观念、饮食结构和餐桌礼仪三方面的饮食文化内涵进行了研究,并分析了中西饮食文化的对立统一性,以及二者相互融合的趋势。了解中西饮食文化, 可以提高我们的跨文化交际意识和能力,可以避免跨文化交际过程中由于不同的饮食文化和观念而产生的矛盾和冲突,增进双方的了解和沟通。


The Differences Between Chinese and Western Food Cultures


Food culture is the key part of the human culture, which is directly related to human beings’ physical and mental health. Cultural differences between China and western countries create the differences of food cultures, which come from the different cultural values, ways of thinking and philosophy. By comparing the different cultural values between China and western countries, the paper mainly makes a research on the differences of Western and Chinese food cultures from the aspects of food conception, structure and table manners. It also states the food cultures opposites in unity between these two kinds of countries and inevitability of their blending together. Understanding their differences and rectifying the attitudes towards the individual culture will enhance our communicative awareness and competence and avoid the contradictions and conflicts brought forth by different food cultures and values, and thus promoting culture exchange and development.

Key words:cross - cultural communication; cultural value; food cultures; opposites in unity


First of all, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to my supervisor, Hu Tian-en, for his instructive advice and useful suggestions on my thesis. I am deeply grateful of his help in the completion of this thesis.

High tribute shall be paid to all the course teachers in the School of Foreign Languages in Zhengzhou University, whose profound knowledge of English triggers my love for this beautiful language and whose earnest attitude tells me how to learn English.

Special thanks should go to my friends who have put considerable time and effort into their comments on the draft.

Finally, I am indebted to my parents for their continuous support and encouragement.

The Differences Between Chinese and Western Food Cultures


I. Introduction
II. Main Differences Between Chinese and Western Food Cultures A. Conceptual Differences
B. Different Manners
C. Different Characteristics
1. Different Dinner Service
2. Different Cookbooks and Reasons
III.The Unity of Food cultures as Two Opposites

The Differences Between Chinese and Western Food Cultures

I. Introduction

Culture has a long history, and it still is being studied nowadays. Culture is something that originated with the emergence of man. Sir Edward, the British anthropologist, says that culture is that complex whole that includes knowledge, belief, and moral, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society. (Harris, 1987, 2) Different regions, different races and different countries all form their own culture. Different regions and different living environments make them have different backgrounds. Different backgrounds affect different appearance of cultures. Food culture is the basic culture for a nation. Food cultures can show differences and characteristics of different nations or countries. As an important aspect of culture,Food culture can be...
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