The Difference of a Country

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Ashley-Brooke Earl
Joseph Pellegrino
Global Citizens
7 March 2012
Differences in Education
Every country is unique; it is what makes or breaks the success of the country and what helps define the citizen’s morals and lives. Some countries focus on money or religion, while others focus on education. Each makes a country distinct. The United States, although only spending 5.5% of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on education and having constant budget cutbacks, has a surprisingly high number of citizens educated and employed. While Senegal spending slightly more, 5.8% of the GDP on education, has a much lower number of people educated and has a different attitude toward those that should be educated. The United States believes in the equal opportunity of men and women. However, Senegal still has the opinion that men are the providers of the home and women need not be educated since they are the care givers of their household.

The United States literacy rate is 99% (CIA- The World Factbook), and the school expectancy is an averaged sixteen years old [through high school], with females staying in school approximately two years longer than males, “Last year [2004] for the first time, women earned more than half the degrees granted statewide in every category, be it associate, bachelor, master, doctoral or professional” (Marklein ). At Georgia Southern, while the ratio of females to males in the undergraduate programs is approximately 49.3% to 50.7%, the ratio of females to males in the graduate programs is 64.6% to 35.4% (Strategic Research and Analysis). While in previous years males dominated colleges and the jobs that took education, today “women currently make up 57% of all college students [in the United States]” (Marklein).

In Senegal their opinion of education differs drastically, their school life expectancy is only eight years old, with males staying in approximately a year longer than females, and the literacy rate is only 39.3% nationwide...
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