The Difference of Renaissance and Middle Age Architectural

Topics: Italy, Middle Ages, Renaissance Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: April 7, 2013
During the Middle Ages, cathedral architects had pointed soaring arches and spires heavenward for the glory of God. During the Renaissance, however, Italian architects returned to the classical style. On churches, palaces, and villas they substituted domes and columns from classical Greek and Roman architecture for the medieval arches and spires. They sought both comfort and beauty in their buildings, adorning them with tapestries, paintings, statues, finely made furniture, and glass windows. Unlike the anonymous architects of the Middle Ages, Renaissance architects took credit for their fine buildings. In first picture, this is middle age artwork for architecture. This is a style called Gothic. They overcame the stuctural limitations of Romanesque architectural by two innovations. On the outside, they built flying buttresses, or stone beams that extended out from the wall. These supports took the weight of the building off the walls and allowed walls to be thinner, with more window space. From the picture, we can see there are a lot of design on it, and it makes the building be more beautiful. In second picture, this is the architectural that best known for dome Filippo Brunelleschi designed and completed in 1435 for the Cathedral of Florence. This dome is construct large and strong enough to cover the cathedral without the dome collapsing from its own weight. And this design is based on Brunelleschi own study of the domes, columns, and arches of ancient Rome. But in differ than Middle Ages’s architectural, this kind of dome doesn't have the same design like Middle Ages’ architectural. And Renaissance’s architects change the way that they leaned from Middle ages and change to the classical style.
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