The Difference of Process of Nurse Between Australia and Korea

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  • Published : May 8, 2011
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< The Process of Nurses’ Registration in Australia and South Korea > OUTLINE
* Becoming a nurse in Australia
* The systems of the Registers and Roll
* RN and EN – what do people need to become a RN of EN
* Registration Matters
* Becoming a nurse in South Korea
* How to become a Registered Nurse
in South Korea
* The exam timetable
The Registers and Roll
* Previous system of the register - Originally there were big books called "Registers".  If nurses could prove that they had sufficient education and that they could be trusted to use their knowledge in the interests of their patients, they could have their names entered in one of the Registers. Persons whose names were entered in these books of educated and trusted clinicians were said to be “registered”. * Change to legislation – The regulation of assistants in nursing who provided nursing care but had less education than registered nurses. A separate book was used to record their names and it was titled the “Roll of Nurses”. Persons whose names were entered in the book were said to be “enrolled”. Titles have changed over the years and the title is now “Enrolled Nurse”. * The same principles apply today- The requirements for registration or enrolment are that the person be trustworthy and the person have adequate education for the particular type of practice to be undertaken. * Computerised database- The Registers and Roll are no longer big books with handwritten entries. The Nursing and Midwifery Council Australia (AMNC) recognises the following registrations and enrolments: * Registered Nurse (Registered Nurse Division 1)

* Enrolled Nurse (Registered Nurse Division 2)
How to become a Registered Nurse
* To become a registered nurse it is necessary to complete a Bachelor of Nursing. The program is usually studied full time over three years (or the equivalent part time). The Bachelor of Nursing can be studied either as a first degree or post...
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