The Difference in Recruitment Policy Between the University in China and Uk

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Independent Project
In general, Human Resource Management is the core of an organization. It is plays a more strategic role by the leading of rapid pace of globalization. The people who form an organization should be capable with professional skills that make the organization more competitive. Not only necessary in the company, individual capability is significant in any type of industry and it is the key point to keep the position in the same industry.

Based on the different cultural background the recruitment policy would be discrepant in the different country. The diversity of the recruitment between Chinese University and the UK University would be researched. The importance of recruitment will also be evaluated.

Introduction -------------------------------------- 3
Literature Review ----------------------------------4-7
Methodology ------------------------------------------------------------7-8 Results --------------------------------------------------------------------8-10 Discussion ----------------------------------------------------------------10-13 Conclusion ----------------------------------------------------------------13-14 Bibliography ----------------------------------------15-17

Appendix 1 ----------------------------------------------------------------18-19 Appendix 2-----------------------------------------------------------------20 Appendix 3 Recruitment and Selection Policy (University of Portsmouth) Appendix 4 北京航空航天大学招聘信息 (Beihang University)

By studying recruitment policy, the main feature and function of Human Resource Management will be understood further. And the difference and the similarities of recruitment among two Universities between two countries is an interesting subject to be studied. They are the main subjects to be investigated on this research. From the experiences of some specialists that governments usually publicize some new policies to organizations to benefit employees or restrict employees by consideration of the economic situation, social security and human rights. Also there are few studies that make the comparison and research on these differences, and I will provide more details on this subject with regard to the specific policies and main structure of the recruitment and selection, even though some of the policies in both countries might have been recently modified.

Furthermore, the reason that may cause the differences is the culture context among these two countries. University is a typical organization where the cultural context can be reflected. It is like a small society which contains several groups of people. To make this type of organization function in its normal operation, the choice of employees should be a serious matter.

Therefore, the aim of this research will be achieved by focusing on the specific recruitment policy and the interview with the members from Human Resource Department separately in these two Universities, one is in Beijing, China the other one is in Portsmouth, UK.

Literature Review
1. The role of recruitment
Recruitment and selection has generally been admitted as the basis that an organization followed to select and attract number of high quality candidates to fulfill its organizational requirements. ( Windolf and Wood, 1988; Strorey and White, 1994). The formalization of the recruitment and selection and its defensible procedures have been developed arguably and intensified in recent years. The awareness and concern about the discrimination against the disabled and the ethnic minorities, and especially the long term unemployed groups have been rising.( Watson, 1994; Iles and Salaman, 1995). Recruitment and selection aims to be fairer and more reliable. ( Atkinson, Giles and Meager, 1996).

2. Recruitment and selection processes
Usually there are three stages in the process:
* Defining the requirements
* Attracting candidates ( recruitment channels), and...
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