The Difference Between a Static and a Dynamic Model

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  • Published : July 11, 2011
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A Dynamic model, is one that is created in an attempt to copy, mimic or simulate the actions, movements in the same way it would in real life. i.e. When designing a model of a tall building engineers can mimic, re-recreate wind movements and weather and test how their model (the building) would stand up to the changing weather conditions.

With Static Modelling as the name indicates it is a ridged fixed model and does not change with the any introduction of outside forces. i.e. Building plans on a house, the plans represent a model of a house, without any introduce of how safe the land is whether there are neighbouring buildings or even a water supply. Those added factors would be real life forces, which only a Dynamic model would feature.

the difference between a normal distribution and a power-law distribution

In terms of Networks a simplistic style of network is random or chaos ones, these are normally bell shaped and called normal distribution. These represent the average or means of a network.

Power-law Distribution has the characteristics of complex networks, which have a self-organising order they do not use average or typical node.

Their main differences are Power-law Distributions networks follow set patterns, formats or have been given applied parameters or rules to the network the results it produces is controlled results, whereas normal distribution are random and the results can vary dramatically.

what a scale-free network is

Scale free Networks are ones that have no average or typical nodes but have hubs and are non-random networks, which uses power law distributions. An example of a Scale free network is a computer network, which has users and user stations and hubs to interact which each other to provide a complex network. This type network uses computer protocols as its Power law distribution.

Therefore, Scales free networks all have set Rule or laws of operation. They have Hubs that can flow in all directions. Can...
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