The Difference Between a Community College and a State University

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  • Published : April 29, 2011
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Tyler Anton
Position Paper
EN 102

Community College 101

Most high school graduates realize going to college is extremely important. On the average, college graduates make more money than high school graduates. Most companies only employ people with a four-year degree. Therefore, many students think they must attend a university instead of a community college. They think community colleges will not get them the job they want, thus, they do not consider it an option. What is the most viable option for college? In many cases, attending a community college, then transferring to a university, is the most practical choice a student can make because community colleges cost less, have smaller classes, offer a variety of academic programs, and offer articulation agreements. On the contrary, some people believe only attending a university is the most practical choice a student can make. The cost of tuition is one major reason students choose to attend a community college over a university. “As the price of the traditional product gets more expensive, students are looking for something cheaper. The people are starting to speak and we’re seeing it now in the growth of students attending lower-cost alternatives to four-year schools” (Damast). The average savings of attending a community college for an associate’s degree, compared to a university, is approximately $40,000. Therefore, if an individual is eligible for financial aid, they should take into consideration that many financial aid options need to be repaid. It is a financially sound decision to avoid incurring a high amount of debt. If an individual's parents decide they will pay for tuition, students should express gratitude by choosing a low-cost college. Many factors contribute to an individual's decision to attend a community college or a university. Cost should be a primary factor. At many universities, general education classes are large in number. It is...
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