The Difference Between Unites States Healthcare Systems and the Healthcare Systems in Sweden

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  • Published : September 27, 2011
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The difference between Unites States healthcare systems and the healthcare systems in Sweden

Noranda Brown

Kaplan University

The difference between healthcare systems in the United States and the healthcare systems in Sweden.

Healthcare systems vary in many different developing countries, causing various types of governmental issues regarding the care of unhealthy citizens in an unstable environment. The healthcare of Sweden and the United States (U.S.) will be addressed and differentiated in this essay based on economical, discriminatory, and governmental aspects. These two countries vary in healthcare systems and has strived for the development in resolving governmental issues, funding issues, and better education to become more knowledgably in physical, and mental health.

Sweden, a country in Scandinavia; located in northern Europe, has an healthcare system that provides healthcare to the entire population, funded by their government and determined by need. Sweden’s healthcare system include the ability to be seen by a Medical Doctor, Dentist, Psychologist, and enable patients with pharmaceutical care ( Holtz, 2008). Sweden health system is broken into 21 different county counsels that administer the finances for health care, individuals that are in of psychiatric care are also awarded housing, employment and financial support (Government Offices of Sweden, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, 2004). The different charges for health care services depends on the status of the patient, private finances that has been spent by the patient, and the type of treatment and materials used by physicians. For example, if a patient spends over $1800.00 ($230 U. S. dollars) in pharmaceutical care, a free pass is then given for 12months from the first day of purchase (Holtz, 2008).

Health and healthcare has become unevenly distributed in the United States. The United States healthcare system is funded by the government and more minorities are less...
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