The Difference Between the Dryer and Dehydrator

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  • Published : July 3, 2012
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Many people habitually the dryer and dehydrator is the same kind of equipment, in fact there is a difference between the two machines. Some manufacturers also know the difference, but consumers and customers that they had to perceptual habits so "brainless" sales. Industrial dryer includes rotary dryer machine, slime dryer, fly ash dryer and cylinder dryer. Generally, these industrial dryers have these common features: First, automatic. Dryer machine can be set time by automatic controlled device. So the whole drying process is very convenient. Second, the dryer materials should be premium, wear resistant, smooth and beautiful, especially cylinder dryer. Besides, we should keep the materials smooth without scratch footprint. Third, transmission device is V-belt, so that dryer can run smoothly and reliably, and it is also low noise. The drying machine and dehydrator is used to dry the effect of material, all with certain water content materials dry dehydration. But they two different equipment, they have the essential difference. The work is bringing the dryer dry wet materials dry dehydration and drying variety of shapes material industry fields use scope. More visible used for heavy industry or on the sideline, after drying to waste residues into available resources, recycling, energy conservation and emission reduction, and the practice of the scientific concept of development strategy of sustainable development. Dehydrator uses heat energy reduce the material moisture of machinery, equipment, used for drying operation of objects. Through the heating drying machine to make materials of the wet points (generally refers to water or other liquid can be volatile components) spill vaporization, to get provisions of the content of wet solid materials. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Henan, is a professional dryer manufacturer. That mainly includes large scale dryer, industrial dryer, fly ash dryer, rotary dryer and cylinder dryer. Among of them, the Red Star H...
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