The Difference Between the Arabs and the South and Southeast Asians!

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The difference between the Arabs and the South and Southeast


The lure of regionalism — a belief in regional co-operation and

integration as a method to advance a region’s shared political, economic

or security interests — has had profound effects on the foreign policies of

all countries. The conventional wisdom is that such collaborative efforts

will serve as the building blocks of a future Economic Community, as

well as Unions. Many attempts at uniting as a region are informed by the

experiences of the European Union and North America. But the argument

is also put forward that many regional co-operation efforts are

‘homegrown’, an organic development, given specific historic, political,

economic, regional and global contexts. In this paper I am going to

compare between four world regions in Asia and Africa, which are

represented by four associations Saarc, Asean, Arab League and the


In this paper I am going to compare between four world regions in Asia

and Africa, which are represented by four associations Saarc, Asean,

Arab League and the GCC. Asean and Saarc represent southeast and

South Asia, while the GCC represents the gulf countries and the Arab

League represents the Arab countries.

Saarc was established in the late 1970 when the president of Bangladesh

president Ziaur Rahman proposed the creation of trade bloc consisting of

South Asian countries. Saarc contains eight countries i.e. Bangladesh,

India, Pakistan, Sir Lanka, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan and Afghanistan that

joined the association in 2005. Asean was established in 1967 that

consists of ten members (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore,

Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Lao Pdr, Myanmar and

Vietnam). Together these two associations count for 30% of the world

population. The gulf cooperation council was established in 25 may 1981,

in Saudi Arabia between the Gulf States: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar,

Saudi Arabia and UAE. The Arab league was formed in Cairo on March

22, 1945 with six members (Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia,

Syria and Yemen). Currently it contains 22 members and four observers.

Asean and Saarc have a regional GDP of 1 trillion U.S. dollars. These

two organizations main goals were agriculture and rural development,

telecommunication science technology, meteorology, health and

population activities, transport, human resource development. Both

agreed to inter_governmentalism thus precluding the development of

board E.U. style. Decisions are to be taken on the basis of unanimity,

consultation, consensus and all the decisions are political. The two

organizations share the similar goals and aspirations thus they are

developing joint programmes and activities in order to grow faster and

achieve their goals faster. What concerns the economy they both reacted

to development outside the region and to international agreements. Both

embraced the openness of economy, by using free trade among its

boarders and by trying to create one single market and one production

base. Health is one of the areas that they worked on, special programs

concerning health problems were established in order to protect the

population from any health problem. They agreed to improve

intraregional connectivity particularly physical, economic and people to

people connectivity. They have called for deepening of pro_poor

orientation of growth process, including through enhancing the

investment in human capital infrastructure. What matters education, the

development of exchanges between academics, experts, policy

makers, students and teachers. They called for inter regional cooperation

partnerships and other regional initiatives in the fields of education. Some

Asian countries rank among the top achievers in primary science and

mathematics and are high achievers...
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