The Difference Between Moroccan and French Media

Topics: Morocco, French people, France Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Otmane Barakat AWT1003 07 Tuesday 30th, 2012

Moroccan and French Media

"Whoever controls the media controls the minds”, said Jim Morrison. The media has definitely marked the current generation as it has an enormous power and effect on the nations. Nowadays, the media affects the way the audience thinks and behaves more than it has ever done. Enhanced by the technological advancement, especially the rise of Internet, the link between mass media and the public opinion has begun to change to become similar around the world. Moroccan and French media systems are not different from the others as their similarities are displayed in the fact that they are both using high technology facilities, incite violence, and ran by the government.

To get started, the first thing in common between the Moroccan and French media is their wise use of highly-advanced communication facilities. Even though Morocco is a thirdworld country, it has been using communication technology since the end of the last century. Telephone, telegraph, radio, and television services were available at that time; there were about 1.3 million mainline telephones, about 120,000 cell phones, and 22AM/ 7 FM radio stations. In 2000, these communication facilities had witnessed an enormous growth as Morocco had the disposal of 243 radio stations, eight Internet providers and 166 television sets for every 1000

people. Nowadays, Morocco has over 21 million cell phones, 6 million television receivers, 8 million radio and internet users. Obviously, the media has made a clever use out of the telecommunication advancement since the storage and transmission of information has become easier than never. For instance, news corporations are offering stream-feeding news reports by emails, call centers, or text messages caring more about the gain than the information itself. Likewise, the French do not prefer to read as they are cited only for 164 adult readers out of every 1000. Further, they are very...
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