The Difference Between College and High School Athletics

Topics: High school, College athletics, Cheerleading Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: September 26, 2008
The Difference between High School and College Athletics
When I was applying to college I talked to the coach of the University of Central Oklahoma cheerleading squad in hopes that I could tryout for the team. I thought that another commitment in addition to my school work would help to keep me focused for the second semester. One thing that I didn’t expect is the time and energy you need to put aside to play a sport in college. In high school, playing a sport was a much easier task. College sports are very competitive and the athletes playing for the college are the most talented in the school division. I am not saying that I am not capable of cheerleading at a college level; more that it would be a strenuous commitment for a beginning college student to handle. In comparison to high school sports, college sports are much more competitive. The experience and talent of the players are an obvious difference. High school sports differ from college sports in many ways.

Back in high school I played tennis and cheered because I loved the two sports. The team members were all my good friends and fun to be around. Our team made sure we had a great time and worked hard to encourage others while playing. We took it serious, but it was not our lives. College sports are very goal oriented and extremely serious. Everyone goes to practice to improve their game to the best of their ability. Not that it is a bad thing, but I have always played a sport because I enjoyed and had fun while doing it. That alone would improve my skills naturally.

Another very important aspect of college sports is the experience level of many of the players. I’ve been cheerleading since the beginning of my eighth grade year up until the end of my senior year. I attended a few cheerleading camps during my high school summer years, because I had the time, and enjoyed what I was doing. By attending camp I was given a chance to be seen by recruiters. Recruiting camps also allow you to...
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