The Difference between Classical and Modern OB Theory

Topics: Management, Writing, Question Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: September 24, 2012
Question 1: Classical OB theory
Two major names associated with classical OB theory is Frederick Taylor and Henri Fayol. The results of their work are now captured as the Scientific Management Theory and the Administrative Theory. Write 100 words to explain the key difference between these two approaches in their application to educational management.

Question 2: Modern OB Theory
In modern OB theory, a school may be viewed as a system. Education across a country may also be analysed as a social system. This broader view mayperceive the school as a subsystem in the education system, or even one of the many elements of the system (depending on the selected viewpoint). Write 100 words to explain the usefulness of this paradigm to educational organisations. Your answer must mention at least one advantage and one disadvantage of using the social system as a paradigm in education.

1. Write a paragraph of 100 words (no less than 95 and no more than 105 words in the paragraph) to answer each question. Type the word count in brackets after the last sentence of your paragraph, e.g. (99). 2. Number the answers in the same way as the questions and give each paragraph a title that captures the essence of your message in the paragraph. 3. The word count excludes the title, any in-text citations, or the list of references. 4. Use the APA referencing style for citations and the list of references. 5. Take good care of language and grammar. Do a spelling and grammar check after writing PLUS reread your work, or, even better, let someone else read it and give you feedback. Only the highlighted sections of the requirements apply if the answers are handwritten without the aid of reference material.

Without making assumptions about your competence or comfort about paragraph writing, you may want to consider the following tips about the short paragraphs that you are requested to write: * A paragraph is usually a way to develop and...
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