The Difference Between Civilian and Military Career

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  • Published : June 11, 2012
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The Difference Between Civilian and Military Career

The Difference Between Civilian and Military Career I have been in the army for over ten years and I can say that being in the military has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. There are many differences between the military and being a civilian. I personally believe that the military is the best decision that anyone can make for a stable life, income, housing, healthcare, and employment security. The first difference is income. In the military your pay will never very from month to month. The military pay is based on you pay grade and time in-service. Then there is special pay that is based off additional schooling that you have completed, pay for housing, and pay for food. In the civilian sector pay is either hourly or salary. Most jobs do not cover housing or pay for food. The second difference is housing. In the military housing is provided for a soldier in one of two ways. There is housing that is provided on the base, based on the number of dependents that a soldier has. The other way is in additional pay for a soldier to find housing off of the base. In the civilian sector most jobs will not offer any additional pay for housing. The third difference is healthcare. In the military the soldier and there family is covered by the military healthcare. There is no out of pocket cost to the soldier. For the soldier’s family there is very little out of pocket cost. Once the family has paid up to a preset amount they will not have to pay anything above that amount. In the civilian sector healthcare in most jobs is not available till a set amount of time has been worked or if you are a full-time employee. The family is not covered unless healthcare has been purchased for the additional family members. Additional healthcare categories such as vision and dental have to be purchased through the employer if available or from an outside resource.

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