The difference between Buddhism and Taoism

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The difference between Buddhism and Taoism

Taoism is an indigenous religion of Han-Chinese, and it is a very enormous and complicated cultural syntheses. Also, the development of Chinese medicine, history, and culture were influenced significantly by Taoism.However, Buddhism is foreign religion from India, which has taken root in China through the absorption of Chinese culture, and as well as gives the great effect to the development of Chinese culture. The two religions have their consistency,but at the same time,they still have some basic differences. First of all, Taoism indicates that they regard ‘live’ as the reality.They pursue to prolong lives and get immortal vita.Taoism considers that human beings compose of Sap, and bodies are the residence of spirits.If humans want to get physical immortality,they need to practice spirituality and self-cultivation. Whereas, Buddhism has the opposite side from Taoism, they advocate “infinity( no birth and death).They consider that all realities are suffering. Human is helpless to take to the real world, so humans have to endure everything,which means people must give up all kinds of craving desires. They repose hope in hereafter and pursue to get out of the samsara of birth and death,thereby to get into nirvana(the no pain and celestial bliss world). It is thus clear that, the main pursuit of Taoism is--the aspiration of real world.Moreover, Buddhism maintain to give up the pursuit of material reality, and pay attention on the spiritual practices and the yearning of afterlife.The problem should be solved by religions is the spiritual and ultimate concerned problem, in a word, it is how to deal with the problem of life and death.The biggest fear of people is death, therefore religions should give the treatment of death. The main difference between Taoism and Buddhism is the attitude of how to deal with birth and death.The ultimate pursuit of Buddhism is nirvana, which separate from...
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