The Difference and Shocking Comparison of Oceania and Our World in 1984

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  • Published : April 30, 2009
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From the instant one reads the novel “1984”, one sees the difference and shocking comparison of Oceania and our world. The protagonist is Winston Smith, his character and willingness to find out the history of Oceania is what drives the story. The Party is also one of the main characters in the story in which they oppress Oceania in a totalitarian way. But Oceania isn’t any different then other countries in our world; Big Brother was actually used as a scare tactic to make the people more dedicated to their state and government. But to understand The Party you must first analyze their sins, their wrongdoings, what is it that they did is wrong?

The main objective of Winston Smith is finding out the past of Oceania if it even has one. He works for The Party itself, everyone does, but his job is to change the very fabric of literature, picture, and even certain articles in the media. He finds out The Party is hiding something, he is uncertain what it exactly is, but he sets it out on himself to find it out. He also can’t escape the sense that he is the only one thinking like this in world so black and white, he feels alone. He can’t help feel this huge feeling of dread falling upon him, and all the while he seems to hate Big Brother as he moves on.

Then suddenly chance befalls him when he meets and eventually falls in love with another Party member, her name is Julia. They make love almost all the time when they meet, the sexual act itself is forbidden within Oceania, its only purpose is for reproduction. Throughout the story he finds himself mesmerized by a character named O’Brien, his sheer power is what captures him. Sooner or later he caught wind with the organization “The Brotherhood”, he finds out that O’Brien is a member and gives him the book that all must read. When Winston reads the book his eyes have been open to everything around him, even the air smells different to him. It all crashes down when it all was but a tactic of the Thought Police to...
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