The Diary of Anne Frank: Good and Evil

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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1. How do you see both good and evil on these three levels?
* the society as a whole during WWII
* the eight people in hiding
* the character of Anne

I think that evil is dominant in this story. The good in the society is the allies helping to fight off the Nazis and help make Germany a nice place once again. The good in the hiders is Mr. Frank who is kind hearted and courageous. He was also hopeful. Now as for the evil the Nazis pretty much took control of Germany and did what they felt needed to be done which was killing innocent Jews, and as for in the house there aren't really any evil people but Mr. Dussel did something pretty mean which was tells Peter that his cat is probably dead. Also Mr. Van Daam did something evil which was steal bread even though he knew there was barely enough food to go around. Anne is a mixture of good and evil. For example, in the text she takes arguments to far and is constantly disrespectful but as the story rages on she becomes more polite and nice. Anne said everybody is good at heart, and i agree with her 99.99 percent. The .01 percent is because people do things and have to remorse or don't care, and sometimes they are glad about what they did. 4. Explain the historical background of The Diary of Anne Frank. Words: 201

The historical background is set during WWII. It all started with the presidency run of Adolf Hitler, representative of the Nazi party. After Adolf Hitler won the presidency race he began taking away privileges fro Jews in Europe and Germany, Gypsies, Homosexual, people with disabilities, Slavs in eastern Europe: Poles, Serbs, Soviet POWs, and Freemasons Jehovah's Witnesses. These privileges were having a bikes, they could not vote and ect. At the time Adolf Hitler influenced prejudice toward Jews whiich resulted in the death of many Jews. Words: 88
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