The Devil Restaurant

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1. Executive Summary
1.1 Business Innovation

Korean Bibimbap, a new restaurant that is featured by healthy Korean food aims to provide white-collar workers with convenient service and business leisure under the help of e-commerce and efficient management. The main characteristics of Korean Bibimbap is as follows.

● Korean Bibimbap is set up as a restaurant selling healthy Korean meal sets at an acceptable price. Nowadays white-collar workers are faced with a dilemma on where to have dinner. On the one hand, despite the cheapness of food in staff canteen, some white-collar workers have been fed up with its distastefulness. On the other hand, many white-collar workers also complain that they can’t afford the food in restaurant because of its high price. Combined with high stress and long time of work, such a dilemme now has contributed to many health problems in white-collar workers. Based on the analysis of this situation, Korean Bibimbap will provide healthy Korean food in varied prices and an agreeable environment for white-collar workers to enjoy.

● Following the trend of e-commerce, Korean Bibimbap will use a electronic system including website and integrated management system for prospect background. Customers can not only come to the real shop for dinner but also place order through the internet. It deserves to be mentioned that online order service is still at its primary stage of development in China. This system will bring as much convenience as possible to consumers and in return expand the business of Korean Bibimbap.

2. Mission and Vission

Our first responsibility is to provide every customers healthy food at a fair price as well as the pleasure of eating. We will make sure that every consumer receives a warm welcome on walking in our restaurant. We value employee’s active efforts on bringing health as well as pleasure to customers, and on spreading healthy diet culture to the world. We would like to join hands to advance and retreat as one with the development of our restaurant. By working closely, we can pave the way for a better prospect of our restaurant.

1.3 Food Stucture

As its name suggests, at the start-up stage the main food provided in my restaurant is Korean Bibimbap sets, varying in variety and price. Korean Bibimbap will use advanced equipments to prepare and store food material on large scale without affecting the flavor and nutrition of Korean Bibimbap. More over, some special snakes will also be offered as a complement to deversification of food. At the expansion phase, Korean Bibimbap will add more food lines to the menu list. 1.4 Market Analysis

The restaurant market is a competitive market with low entry barriers, where new restaurants emerge rapidly and compete with the existing ones. Base on the SWOT analysis, a successful restaurant should have both distinctive food and high quality service at least. Besides, exposure to lage numbers of mobile population also accounts for the success of some famous restaurant. To take all these into consideration, Korean Bibimbap decides to target on white-collar workers in International Trade Center in Beijing.

5. Management

The management team mainly comprises five parts: administrative department, marketing department, human resource department, financial department and purchasing department, each of which has its specific responsibilities. Periodically, Korean Bibimbap will have personnel training, especially for these senior managers and gradually establish a comprehensive training system. At the same time, Korean Bibimbap will strengthen and perfect information management system on different levels, so as to facilitate the smooth and efficient operation.

1.6 Financial Planning

Total investment for the first year is one million, which comprises 0.7 million from partnerships and 0.3 million of bank loan. At the early stage, Korean Bibimbap has to pay regular interests to investors every month. At the second...
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