The Devil in Vienna's Relevance to History

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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The Devil in Vienna’s Relevance to History
My historical fiction novel is The Devil in Vienna by Doris Orgel. This book is about two young girls during the pre-holocaust era. One girl, Lieselotte is a Nazi while Inge is a Jew. The book represents Nazi-Jew relationships in the times leading up to the Holocaust and World War Two. The book The Devil in Vienna is very accurate historically to the pre-Holocaust era.

The author of The Devil in Vienna is Doris Orgel. She was born in Vienna on February 15th, 1929 (“Doris Orgel Papers”). Orgel is Jewish like the girl Inge in the book. The book is based off of her own life experiences in Vienna (Orgel). She immigrated to the United States in 1940 with her family. Once she moved here, Orgel undertook training to become an author. From 1946-1948, she went to Radcliffe College to obtain her degree. In 1950 she finished out her training with a bachelor’s degree from Banard College. As an author, she has written many children’s books. These include titles like The Devil in Vienna, Risking Love, and Crack in the Heart. She has also translated many books, including Dwarf Long-Nose by Wilhelm Hauff and The Grandma in the Apple Tree by Mira Lobe (“Doris Orgel”).

The historical fiction novel The Devil in Vienna includes many aspects throughout it that are true to actual history during the pre-Holocaust era. Through the character Inge, we learn of many of the things that Jews had to go through. For example, we learn from the book that Evi’s father’s business was vandalized because he was a Jew (Orgel 190). This happened often during this time. Jewish professions began to be banned in the fall of 1933 (Schulz and Soumeri xvii). In the book, at one point her teacher has to throw away some of their schoolbooks because the main character in it was Jew (Orgel 201). This is true because Nazis banned any books that they considered “un-German” (Schulz and Soumeri 38). Many times these books were burned. The largest book-burning...
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