The Devil and Tom Walker Character Analysis

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  • Published : September 10, 2012
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The Devil and Tom Walker character analysis

From the beginning of time the devil has been known to trick weak people. Old Scratch, Belcebub, Lucifer or simply the devil has been the antagonist for all religious beliefs in the whole planet. The story “The Devil and Tom Walker” by Washington Irvin shows how this abominable creature, the devil, tricks people in order to get their soul. Throughout times people have believed that the devil gave temptations in order to fall for them so he can take our souls and our life. In this story the devil is depicted as an evil, red-eyed man that causes fear and tricks everyone. The devil is one of the main characters in the mentioned story and the source of the external and internal conflict.

To begin with, the devil’s tricks have been taken by human beings throughout the history of mankind. The Devil often ask for ones soul in exchange for riches and necessities that make the person to accept the deal because it is almost impossible to retract the offer. This archetype of devil has been seen in many different stories, in many different cultures. In this story the devil takes a major participation because he is pushing tom walker to take the deal. The devil is often to make many and different temptations in order to achieve his goal. Tom Walker is a contrast to other characters that appear in these stories because he has no fear towards the devil, due to his daily fights with the wife. This was not Tom’s trouble but instead the character, the devil gives him riches in exchange of the soul. In that case both win but the devil as deceitful as he is knew that suddenly Tom would fall for and the devil would win his soul. In this quote shows how the devil gives him riches the buccaneer treasure he holds. Also; it shows his eagerness to gain wealth, to leave his past behind, and how terribly influenced he was by his greed. “At length, it is said, when delay had whetted Tom's eagerness to the quick, and prepared him...
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