The Devil and Tom Walker

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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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Brannisha Stevens
Mrs. White
English 11 (7th Period)
3, October 2012
The Love of Money Is the Root of All Evil
The theme depicted in the story “The Devil and Tom Walker” involve greed and how money is able to corrupt people. Although Love is a not a bad thing, unfortunately some people abuse it in ways that create evil. All negative actions and emotions effecting mankind are evil. All the characters in The Devil and Tom Walker became a prisoner of their own doings on behalf of money. Characters such as Captain William Kidd the pirate, Tom Walker and his wife all served as victims because of their love of money.

Although the story of The Devil and Tom Walker doesn’t really discuss much about Captain William Kidd the Pirate, he was known for his notorious treasure and legends. Captain William Kidd and his myths can be found in many versions. As described by Washington Irving’s tale, Captain Kidd failed to resist temptation of greed. In addition, he lands in Boston heavily loaded with treasure, only to discover anti-pirate sentiment in the English colonies, putting him and his crew in jeopardy. Colonists capture Kidd the pirate and send him to England to stand trial and to be hanged. Nevertheless, before he was hanged Kidd the pirate buried his wealth and the Devil (Old Scratch) presided at the hiding and took the treasure into his guardianship. Because of his love for money, William Kidd the pirate played a victim and was corrupted which led him to his death.

Be that as it may, in The Devil and Tom Walker Old Scratch personifies temptation, providing a dramatic way to present a character’s conflict between choosing good and evil. Throughout the story characters such as Tom Walker and his wife face moral corruption when Old Scratch tempts them with the proposition of wealth. Washington Irving describes Tom’s Wife as an, “tall termagant, fierce of temper, loud of tongue, and strong of arm” like woman. He also states, “Her voice was often heard in wordy...
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