The Devil and Daniel Webster

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  • Published : October 4, 2012
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Daniel Webster and the Devil

Daniel Webster and the Devil is a book describing the encounter that Daniel Webster had with the Devil. In the beginning of the story it describes Daniel Webster as dead and describes what type of man he was when he was alive. Then the story goes to another character named Jabez Stone.

Jabez Stone was an unlucky farmer and the fourth paragraph describes that. After the fourth paragraph there is a flash back. It goes back to a time when Daniel Webster was still alive and from that point the story is in chronological order. The narrator then describes the hardships of Jabez Stone. Jabez Stone ends up selling his soul to the Devil to be prosperous and lucky. He becomes popular but soon realizes the Devil will be coming for his soul soon. He then goes to his friend Daniel Webster to help him. Daniel Webster is a lawyer and agrees to help him. They both tackle on the Devil in a court of law with an impossible jury chosen by the Devil. Although the jury was consisted of traitors and evil people, Daniel gave them the sense of humanity and the jury ruled in favor of Jabez Stone. They had won but Daniel was not finished. He made the Devil to never trick or deal another New Hampshire man ever again.

The order of the events gives the story a sense of a folktale. In the beginning the narrator describes the story as a folktale and describes the characters as being in the past. Then after the introduction, the flash back occurs and the story begins. This is very important because it allows the reader to realize it’s more of a legend than truth.
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