The Devices of Ads

Topics: Influenza, Common cold, Nasal congestion Pages: 3 (1102 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Alexus Neal
April 15, 2013
English 101
The Devices of Advertising
In his essay “With These Words I Can Sell You Anything” William Lutz informs readers about devices companies use to get people to buy their product. He explains many devices and techniques used in ads or commercials and how each of them work. There are many devices explained but there are 7 devices that are used most frequently. A dramatic claim uses a word and presents a dramatic claim after. Meaningless words are verbs that make it seem as if the product is performing an action. Undefined words leave customers to define words them self’s. Misdirection words cause consumer to focus on something bigger and better. Unfinished comparisons are statements that compare similar products without saying the name of that product. New and improved are two words that make consumers believe that the product is new but unfortunately it does not have to be to be advertised as new. Scientific words make consumers believe that there is science behind their product. I have watched some commercials after reading this essay and I have noticed what Lutz explains. Advertisers use a variety of weasel words to make customers believe that there product works. For example, a recent ad for Nurofen Cold & Flu medicine begins with a woman sitting on her bed. She looks sick and her body is aching. The narrator begins “When you’re suffering with the aches, pains and congestion of cold and flu, it can be a real struggle” her day is going by and she is still sick and aching. The scene changes and Nurofen Cold and Flu box appears on the screen as the narrator speaks again “Introducing Nurofen Cold and Flu.” The scene changes back to the women and it shows her body and how the medicine targets the aching areas. The narrator says, “It’s dual action works with your body to target aches and pains and help clear nasal congestion” Now the women is smiling and helping her students as the narrator is talking “So to get on with...
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