The Development of the Egg and Sperm

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The Development
Of the Egg and Sperm

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May 20, 2012
Nicole Pansey

The sperm and the egg are the key to reproduction. Without the sperm fertilizing the egg there would no reproduction. They both start off in very different places and in different ways but come together to create a life. The journey to create a life is a very interesting one and in this paper I will be outlining it in detail, describing the male and female sex organs and the role of both these organs in fertilization.

The egg cells, or ova, develop in the ovaries. The ovaries not only produce eggs cells but also estrogen which is important for female reproduction. Estrogen is a term meaning several hormones which promote changes during puberty and also regulates the menstrual cycle. When a woman is born they are born with all the ova that they will ever have. They will never develop any more. They are usually born with an estimated 2 million ova. Out of those 2 million ova about 400,000 will make it into puberty.

Every month a woman will begin a stage called ovulation. This is when an egg is released into the fallopian tube from the ovaries. The fallopian tube is a thin tube that is attached to the ovaries. This is not only where the egg is released into and waits to be fertilized by sperm, but it also helps nourish the ova. The fallopian tubes are lined with hairlike projection called cilia. The cilia help move the ova through the tubes during ovulation an inch or so a day. If the ovum is not fertilized in that period then the menstrual cycle will take place. This is when the phase where the ovum is washed out of the body. This is caused by bleeding and tissue from the lining of the uterus being discharge from the female body. Sperm is very different from the egg. Sperm is developed in a man’s testes and reaches its maturity in 72 hours. The testes are constantly producing sperm and never stops like a woman’s body stops producing eggs. The testes are...
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