The Developing Modern Society Sees the Increasingly Growing Sales of Popular Goods, Ranging in Almost Every Aspect of Our Life.

Topics: Psychology, Marketing, Sociology Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: February 27, 2013
The developing modern society sees the increasingly growing sales of popular goods, ranging in almost every aspect of our life. The incredible consumption behavior also gives rise to the consideration of this reason. Some people might assert that it is the power of advertising that leads to the high sales of popular consumer goods, not the real needs of the society. They emphasize how many the various ads there are and how much they influence us. And they give psychological reasons that people are more apt to buy things after seeing the ads. It is true that in some cases, people purchase popular goods because of their fascinating ads. However, they oversimplify the situation and describe the modern people as childish to buy things after seeing the ads without appropriating consideration. They neglect the fact that we modern people have the ability to judge whether the ads are true or not, and whether the item is really what we need. What's more, the attractive ads which shows the advantages of goods to some extends the real needs of consumers instead of their own power. In fact, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the real need of the society in which they are sold. For example, many people choose Nike when buying sport products. It is because of its high quality rather than its big poster, fascinating slogan .etc. Take IT products for another example, Apple's products are probably providing more ads than other brands. Many people choose to purchase iphone, Mac rather than similar items of Nokia, Sony. And most of them say it is more because of the high quality and creativity, which is their real need, than the tremendous and fascinating ads of Apple. So we can say that the fundamental things behind the high sale of popular consumer goods is the real needs of the society. Although the power of the advertising exerts some effect, it can only plays a supporting role, not the leading one.
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