The Destrustors

Topics: Fiction, Gang, Short story Pages: 1 (415 words) Published: March 19, 2013
In the short story the destructors by Graham Greene, the boys of the London Wormsley gang are the protagonists of the story. In the aftermaths of WW2 London the boys mimic the world around them and come up with a grand scheme to destruct an old house that was spared from the bombings and plan to disassemble it from the inside out “ [the police] would never know…We’d be like worms, don’t you see, in an apple. When we came out again there’d be nothing there, no staircase, no planes, nothing but just walls, and then we’d make the walls fall down – somehow”. This is a great example of foreshadowing , the author gives a hit as to what the plan is for the climax of the story.

The author shows us this in various conflicts taking place the story. A great example of the first conflict in the story is when Mr. Thomas give the boys three packages of Smarties as a kind selfless gesture, the gang puzzled and suspicious thought it was a bribe to make them stop playing balls against the wall near the building. “We’ll show him we don't take bribes" and they continue playing balls just to see if that was the case. The author shows that by them retaliating they don’t take a liking to adults trying to control their actions.

The gangs main conflict in the story is when Mr. Thomas decides to come back home early while the boys are just in the act of their scheme, they need it to distract him because they need to make their scheme a success! ."[ the house could still be preserved] they could build inside again more beautifully than before’’ they had to finish. So the boys tricked him and lock him in his loo. “ don't worry Mr. Thomas [one of the boys said through the loo’ s hole through he door] they won't hurt you, not if you stay quiet." They even gave him a blanket and some food for the night. The author shows us that the boy does this because he's he says even though he doesn't like him , he doesn't want to hurt him. The next morning the plan has successfully raised into...
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