The Destructors by Graham Greene

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“The Destructors” By Graham Greene
Purpose of the Short Story: To teach the reader about the destructive element present in human nature. Atmosphere: The atmosphere is quite dark and has a very pessimistic outlook of the World. The fact that the neighborhood has been demolished by bombs in the Second World War only adds to the negative, violent mood. Characterization: • Protagonist: T/Trevor: He is a round character because we learn quite a bit about his personality. He is also a static character because he does not change throughout the story. • Antagonist: The House: Although it is not a person, the house is the force that opposes T. Without the house that was left standing after the bombing, there would be no plot. • Blackie: He is a flat character because we do not know much about him at all. He is also a static character because throughout the story, he remains hesitant about the gangs plot to destruct the house. He does not ever voice his concerns. • Old Misery/Mr. Thomas: He is a stock character because he is the typical “old man” who lives for peace and the preservation of beauty. Foreshadowing: As we are aware that the story is about post WWII, and after London was bombed by Hitler, the reader gets a sense that nothing is left standing. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the London Bombing foreshadows that Mr. Thomas’s house will also be destroyed. Plot: • Exposition: The reader is introduced to Trevor, or T, and his plan to destroy Mr. Thomas’s 200 year old home that survived The Blitz. It is learned that Blackie is the gang leader and that he accepts T’s plan, which will be carried out when Mr. Thomas is away. The setting is revealed as it is set in London, post WWII and the above characters, along with the rest of the gang, are briefly introduced. • Complication: This occurs when T unveils his plan to the full extent. He plans to systematically destroy the house from the inside out as to make sure that none of the remains, including the frame or...
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