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The Destination

By | Jan. 2013
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The Destination
“We’re here, well almost,” my father says as we arrive at the start of bridge to Sea Isle City, New Jersey. As soon as you begin to traverse the bridge, you experience the sweet smell of salt water. Immediately, you flash back to the previous year’s memories. You see you and your whole family going to the ice cream parlor and notice the inexperienced cashier’s welcoming face. Next, you see the sparkling waters of the frigid ocean. Just a glimpse of that ocean brings to mind a sadder time and a tear to your eye as you remember spreading your grandfather’s ashes in the deep blue ocean. You hear the annoying yet memorable cry of the seagulls flying by the sunset. You recall eating peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the beach when a sea gull swoops in and tries to steal it. Everyone around you screams as you shield the p b and j from the predator. Your mother turns on Lay Me Down by Dirty Heads & Rome and everyone starts to sing one of the best beach tunes in history. You roll down the window and feel the brisk wind blowing across your face. This brings back the feeling of simply sitting on the deck with a full view of the ocean blue. With the wind blowing on your face, you just let your mind go empty. “Why can’t life be like this every day?” Finally, you see the water tower that says, “Smile! You’re in Sea Isle”.

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