The Desire of Love in "A Mercy"

Topics: Emotion, Love, Feeling Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: November 26, 2012
"Love is the irresistible desire to be desired irresistibly."
- Robert Frost

The conception of love throughout the novel changes drastically from innocent to a sense of desertion. The way Florence shows her love for the blacksmith illustrates to the reader her inexperience with the emotion. Love was a pretty difficult topic to write on because of the fact that the novel was narrated by so many different characters from beginning to end. The irony on the basis of love is was basically the fact that the blacksmith doesn’t feel the same way for Florence as she feels for him. Later on in the novel I noticed and finally understood the title of the novel “A Mercy.” It was simply because of the Love of a human. Illustrated in the concluding paragraphs Morrison states “It was not a miracle. Bestowed by God. It was a mercy. Offered by a human.”

Love is often defined as an intense feeling of deep affection, and the way Florence expressed her love for the blacksmith emphasized her youth not only in age but also with the emotion itself. Florence showed consistent signs of jealously and bitterness because she was able to handle such affection. She was regularly bitter with the thought of her mother giving her away when she was younger, not knowing the reason for her mother’s rational decision. One way Florence showed her jealously was when the blacksmith adopted a young boy and began showing him more attention than he gave Florence. Florence, overtake by jealously and rage got into a physical altercation with the young child and in the end ended up breaking the child’s arm. Florence says in chapter 9 that she didn’t try to hurt the young lad, she just simply wanted him to stop crying, but she also goes on to say how she heard his shoulder crack but continued anyway (164). This is what leads me to think that it was done out of her jealously and rage and not by other less harmful means. The incident not only caused a huge dispute between her and the blacksmith but...
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