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广东 Q 公司培训体系优化方案设计及实施 The Design and Implementation of An Optimal Training System in Guangdong 论文题目(外文) Q Company 陈桂忠 工商管理硕士

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The Design and Implementation of an Optimal Training System in Guangdong Q Company

Under the challenges and opportunities of the dynamic market competitive environment, the work of human resources are asked for the new requirements, especially in the election, appointment, education and detainment of the employees, companies are increasing investment. Training, as one of the contents involved in appointment, education and detainment in human resources work, are received more and more attention of enterprises. The establishment and improvement of the training system has also become one of the most important hotpots for the human resource practices in many enterprises. Guangdong Q Company is a group corporation with over 3000 employees. In the recent years, for the reason of economic downturn in overseas market, the number of employees in the enterprise has been reduced by nearly 5,000 people to just more than 3,000 employees. In the conditions of reducing employees’ number, a higher quality demand for human resources management has been raised. Hence, how to develop the human resource effectively, how to make a good training, how to improve the overall quality of all staff, thereby enhancing the company's overall performance, this has become the key to obtain a competitive advantage for a company. Based on the actual situations of Guangdong Q Company, in this paper, a suitable training system has been designed to obtain the leader competition in the complex and ever-changing competition in the market. This thesis base on the reality of Guangdong Q company's training system, use the theories of training and development in the human resources field as a guide and take some specific research methods such as questionnaires, interviews, literature survey, data statistics and chart method to analyses the training status in Guangdong Q Company to identify the problems of the training system and analyses the causes. Finally, combined with the actual situation, author use the relevant theoretical knowledge of training, designed and optimized the employee training system I

systematically in all aspects of the training system such as process system, courses system, institution system and organization system to constitute a closed loop type of training management system. In order to maximize the training effect, in addition, we discuss the training supporting environment to promote the sustainable development of enterprises. The optimization of the training system in the paper is proposed on the basis of the analysis of Guangdong Q Company’ Human Resources condition, and then combined with the actual operation of the company's training issues. It has a strong operability. The optimization of the training system contributes to the highly efficient implementation of training, and provides a reliable guarantee for the competitiveness of enterprises. As a result the enterprise and its employees achieve "win-win". At the same time, this training optimization has reference value for similar types of businesses institutions....
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