The Desensitized Youth

Topics: Video game, Aggression, Video game controversy Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: September 21, 2012
The Desensitized Youth

With the advent of video games, the world’s thirst for reality in the violent gaming realm has increased. In the alter-reality children have become desensitized and obsessed with violence. As each game becomes more bona fide and tolerable children cannot disconnect fact from fiction. Today’s video games have become an ever-rushing stream of death and gore; they have become a part of our culture, and have caused the modern young person to become more aggressive and less respectful of life.

Every red-blooded American child has interacted with violent video games at one point in their life. Children seem technologically gifted and more adept to the virtual world as computers and other electronic devises become more mainstream and relied upon. Unlike generations in the past, where only the affluent could afford such technologies, they are available to the masses. It seems every household in America knows of XBOX, Playstation, or Wii -with that they probably own one or two of these systems. With the video game systems becoming more prevalent, they also become the household norm. In the past when children would get bored or restless they would use their imagination, maybe go outside and build a tree fort or play "Cowboys and Indians." However, today's subdivisions are becoming devoid of children outside and instead of playing tag they are in front of the T.V. playing the latest "Desensitization-Station" racking up their " Kills" on the latest first person shooter.

America is infatuated with video violence. As children go through life and see violence in every aspect of their lives, through television, video games, and print media they slowly become desensitized and disconnected with the gravity of violence and death. Over 85% of games contain some violence, and approximately half of video games include serious violent action (Carnagey, Anderson, & Bushman 2007).

Desensitization is defined in the Miriam-Webster Dictionary...
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