The Depression and the New Deal

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Eduardo Alfaro
March 19, 13
Block E

The Great Depression and the New Deal

* For the election of 1932, republicans chose Herbert Hoover as candidate. Democrats chose Franklin Delano Roosevelt. * FDR was in a wheelchair. Her wife was to become the most active First Lady in history. Ex. Influenced the policies of the national Gov., battled for impoverished and oppressed. In addition, Roosevelt’s oral skills made him the “premier orator of his generation”. * Democratic Roosevelt attacked the Republican Old Deal and proposed a New Deal for the “forgotten man” (he promised to balance the nation’s budget and decrease the heavy Hooverian Deficit. * By an enormous majority, Franklin Roosevelt won the election in the popular vote and Electoral College. With this, blacks became a significant part of the Democratic Party. * Hundred Days Congress / Emergency Congress passed laws that coped with the great depression. Roosevelt’s New Deal aimed for the three R’s: relief, recovery and reform. Congress gave strong black-check powers to the president. New Deal embraced progressive ideas; for instance, minimum-wage regulation, developed of natural resources and unemployment insurance. * The economic crisis caused the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933. Such movement presided the power to regulate banking transactions and foreign exchange. Later, congress passed the “Glass-steagall Banking Reform Act (creating the federal deposit insurance corporation [FDIC]) To end bank failures, the FDIC insured individual deposits up to 5 000. * Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) – employed 3 million men. Federal Emergency Relief Act, which resulted in the Federal Emergency Relief administration (FERA). As a result, $3 billion were granted to the states and thousands of employments were given. * Father Charles Coughlin was forced off the air for his anti New Deal radio broadcast. Congress passed the works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1935. * Congress...
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