The Departure

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Khelil Beidoun
11 February 2013
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The Hero With A Thousand Faces, written by Joseph Campbell describes the process or outline of “The Heroes Journey.” In other words, the sequence of events a hero/heroine must experience before completion of their adventure. The call to adventure, refusal of the call, supernatural aid, crossing of the first threshold, and the belly of the wale; describe the beginning of a hero’s adventure known as “The Departure.” This is the first step or process A hero encounters in the “Hero’s Journey.” The journey can be seen in many forms of modern day and classic heroes. From Batman or superman, to Beowulf or even Jesus, although different in many ways, all have one great similarity, which is the process all must complete or go through known as the “Heroes Journey.” In Joseph Campbell’s writing, The Hero With A Thousand Faces, Campbell identifies the first step of the hero’s journey as the departure. “The Call To Adventure,” “The Refusal Of The Call,” “Supernatural Aid,” “Crossing Of The First Threshold,” and “The belly Of The Whale,” Make up the five steps of the heroes departure. According to Campbell the hero will first start off with “The Call to adventure.” In the Monomyth of the Hero’s Journey, Campbell refers to the call as removing the hero from his/her normal surroundings (Campbell 41). For instance, when Simba is told to leave pride rock and never come back from Scar; he travels out into unknown surroundings where he finds Timon and Pumba. The Call can be summarized as the point in the story where the hero notices a distinct change or when the hero is taken away from his/her normal lifestyle. The Next step is identified as, “The Refusal Of The Call.” Dan Bronzite refers to this as the part of the hero’s journey where the hero will bury any fears that may have been accumulated up to this part of the story. The hero may seem to be overwhelmed but continues on to achieve what needs to be done (Bronzite “The Hero’s Journey”). For example, Aragon also known as “Strider” in the move The Lord Of The Rings refuses to accept responsibility and become the king, due to his guilty conscious from what had happened with his descended family members. Step three of the departure is identified as the guidance of, “Supernatural Aid.” Supernatural aid can be identified throughout a hero’s journey through guidance, powerful items, or even through the hero’s enemy or weakness. For instance, in the movie Harry Potter, Hagrid is a great example of a herald. He literally picks up Harry and brings him to Hogwarts where his adventures begin. “Crossing Of The First Threshold,” marks the fourth step of the hero’s departure. Bronzite interprets this idea as the point in a hero’s quest where the hero is ready to take action and move forward onto the quest that lies ahead, the threshold will make itself know but the hero will overcome it (Bronzite “The Hero’s Journey”). For example, in the movie, Alice in Wonderland, Alice crosses the first threshold when she slides down the rabbit whole into wonderland, where she will begin to explore her unknown surroundings. The last step in the heroes departure is known as, “The Belly Of The Whale.” “The belly of the whale represents the final separation from the hero's known world and self” ( An example of this step can be seen, in the movie Star Wars, When luke skywalker returns home to find his family murdered and his home demolished. These five steps make up the process of the hero’s departure, the hero may have completed these steps, but the journey is yet from over. The first step of the heroes journey is named, “The Call To Adventure.” This can be analyzed as the point in which the hero notices or is given clues that there will be drastic changes happening in the heroes life. An example of this can be seen in the movie Spiderman, when the mysterious...
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