The Departed Essay

Topics: The Departed, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese Pages: 3 (1220 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Art form in films is vital in their success and aging process amongst patrons and purists alike. Story telling is a notion of art form of which if properly captured on film, can bring about a certain dynamic that attracts humans; and can motivate, inspire, and even change the outcome of their daily lives. Along comes The Departed. This somewhat shifted then sculpted idea for a film was destined for Marin Scorsese to direct. Its roots beg for Scorsese’s gripping auteur to clinch on to its vulnerable yet willing loins. Loving and knowing Scorsese’s style you instinctively will already have a grasp on knowing that you are in for a cinematic treat. It’s hard to not deny that Scorsese is always offering something new and in this case a gift wrapped sack of sheer joy and a full crash course on the bleak and bloody truths of neo-gangster warfare and the grime stuck beneath the fingernails of Boston’s blood crazed streets. The Departed won best picture for a reason all the while not forgetting Scorsese taking home his long fought for, much deserved first Oscar for best Director in the year of 2006. From the opening frames you know you’re in for rectified story telling that takes on it powerful presence right from the get go, grabs you by the balls and doesn’t let go till the film achieves its climax. This isn’t just your standard cat chases mouse cop bad guy thriller though, it’s underlined with much more filmic hidden motifs that dazzle the membrane. As in most films things are not always what they seem and in The Departed we are fed a series of game changing plot twists that shape, shift, and mold the final outcome of the picture. From a film making prospective The Departed wreaks havoc upon the frames of which are presented to you by Scorsese’s and Ballhaus collarbative shifted then shaped masterful art form of cinematography. This wasn’t their first rodeo that much I can assure you. Films such as Gangs of NewYork and Goodfellas showcase visually inducing cinematic...
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