The Dentist of Auschwitz

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  • Published : October 13, 2010
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The Dentist of Auschwitz is the memoir of Benjamin Jacobs, formerly known as Bronek (born name Berek) Jakubowicz, a dental student and his journey throughout the Holocaust as a Polish Jew in the II World War, where he struggled to survive using only his dental tools and rudimentary skills. The author felt that it was his obligation, to let the world know how and why the Holocaust occurred, he wanted to speak out and let everyone know how they could treat someone else in such an inhuman way, where they are nothing but unmenschen, just because they’re different. He was later on diagnosed with throat cancer, and due to the fear of losing his voice, he wrote this book to pass on his experience as a survivor of the German Holocaust. This book has helped me appreciate and value my freedom, It has helped me understand other people and feel empathy for them, I will never be able to vividly know what they went through, but I now have a piece of their experience that I will always carry with me, that helped me partly understand what these 11 million people that died in the Holocaust went through. This also helped me reach a much higher level of knowledge for World history, and getting to know the different European cultures during the World War II. The subject is presented in a memoir, which is the account of one’s own life or experiences, written in first-person point of view which helps inject personality and emotions into the book, it is also written in simple words, so that way no one will have problems understanding the subject of the book. The author hold my interest by writing about his experience in such a detailed way that you felt like you were inside the book, you felt that you were with Bronek, living and struggling through all the misfortunes that happened to him, but not all was bad, you also felt you were with him when he was with Zosia, when he found Josek alive, when Stacia helped him out in the kitchen, you felt as if you were part of the book, unlike...
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