The Demon in Africa by Prophet Makandiwa

Topics: Africa, Jesus, Continent Pages: 2 (818 words) Published: April 29, 2013
There is a demon that afflicts Africa and during that sermon Prophet Makandiwa exposed that demon. Members of the church who heeded Prophet Makandiwa's call for them to fast on the day of the service were left with no doubt that it was necessary to do so. The sermon was aptly titled: "Exposing the Demon Afflicting Africa" and although it was just an introduction, the people were left with no doubt that most of Africa's problems are spiritual. Prophet Makandiwa said there is indeed a demon that is affecting Africa's progress and it is time for it to be exposed.He said for Zimbabwe to progress, there is need to know the principalities that are affecting Africa and its development. The devil, Prophet Makandiwa said, runs a kingdom which has an order or hierarchy. He said the devil's kingdom is an imitation of the hierarchy in the Kingdom of God. The devil's kingdom starts with the devil himself, followed by his angels of darkness which are the principalities and then the servants of the devil who are people being used by the devil and these are evil priests and leaders who carry out his plan. At the bottom of that hierarchy are people who believe in the devil. Prophet Makandiwa said the devil is there to ensure that there is no progress in Africa, yet Africa is loved so much by God.In fact, each time there was a crisis among the Israelites, Prophet Makandiwa said, God made them turn to Africa for solutions. The Tabernacle of Moses came from Africa and all the materials used to build it came from the continent when Israel left Egypt during the Exodus. Abraham had to leave his place of birth for Africa during a famine. Likewise, Joseph came to Africa during a famine, resulting in the rest of his family following him to get sustenance from Africa because Joseph was now living in Egypt. When Jesus was born, his father Joseph was told to take him to Africa so that he could escape death. If God loved Africa that much, why is it that the continent is failing in many...
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